An account of the Serenria Schism
This was a great civil war which almost ended humanity. Almost 1000 years ago, humanity was united under the guiding light of Serenrei, and the population was quite a bit higher, containing two large cities, and several smaller towns along the river. At that time, all men and women were equals, and religion dictated that all people should strive to be their best. The next 2 centuries saw the extinction the last viable crops, as well as all river life. Food shortage and starvation became larger social issues, and with this, there was a rise in a new sect of Serenrei followers, who believed that for some to shine brilliantly, others must live in the dark. This was especially popular among the soldiery, as it was clear there was not enough food to keep everyone healthy, there was no way they could defend the people if they were malnourished, and there was no point in treating everyone as equals if it meant you’d just all be dead. A bloody, destructive revolution followed, and Old Serenria was left in tatters. The leader of the revolution knew they were in no position to defend themselves if the dragon people to the east chose to attack, so she took their army, marched southward down the river with the motto “join or die” and most chose join. Consolidated all her strength, renamed the city to Serenria, and began work on the citadel.

Some more details about organization of Serenria Citadel
300 senior holy servants
300 junior holy servants
200 paladins
50 mages

Department of Building and Labor

  • Lay out requirements for people working in various construction fields
  • Manage all inventory of building materials
  • Approve the requisition of resources and oversee their use
  • Delegate jobs to the Mage Corps of Engineers

Department of Population Management

  • Keep detailed census information
  • Determines how much food should be handed out at Weekly Worship, goal is to maintain certain birth rate
  • Keep detailed genealogical records for all holy servants and paladins
  • Track all marriages
  • Select families from whom to take new holy servants and paladins

Department of Knowledge

  • Librarians

Department of Internal Affairs

  • Handle all issues related to keeping the citadel up and running
  • Oversee food distribution to cafeterias
    • Note, most food is prepared by normal people on outside and brought in.
    • They also process the shroomasauri into spices which go into pretty much all the meals
  • Housing/childcare
    • All holy servants and paladins are kept sterile through their diet
    • Relationships happen. I mean, this is basically a small city of gorgeous people who do nothing but work out in their spare time
    • Everyone has their own personal dwelling, whether they use it or not
    • All children within citadel are cared for and educated in daycare program, volunteers take them for evening care until they are ready to live on their own, usually 10-12
    • Daycare is basically education about how amazing their culture is, and training to fight


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